Terms & Conditions


These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern use of services provided by Lawformer LLC (After the “Company”), including without limitation to Lawformer.com (“the Website”) or any other digital product provided by the Company.

Website” means Lawformer.com

Paid Services” means services provided in a subscription-based form such as “Premium” and “Student” package or any other service whatsoever which is not publicly available before payment of respective amount of subscription fee.

Privacy Policy” means provisions provided in the Terms regarding privacy terms regarding collection and processing data of the Website Users.

User” means any person who accesses, browses, or in any way uses the Website.

Account” means account of the User registered on the Website.

These Terms are a binding legal agreement between website user (“User”) and the Company. In For the purposes of the present Terms, “user” is any person who accesses, browses, or in any way uses the Website.

These Terms refer to our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), hereby incorporated by reference, which also applies to use of the Website and which sets out the terms on which the Company might process any personal data provided by the Website Users.

1.1. If you purchase subscription of Student, Premium or any paid package whatsoever (“Paid Services”)  in addition to the Services that are included in the basic account (“Paid Services”) the Company shall charge the User at the beginning of access to the Paid Services, charge an automatically-renewing subscription fee. For clarity, if you participate in a free trial offer for Paid Services, your membership will automatically be charged as a subscription for Paid Services unless you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the free trial period.

1.2. Duration and fee of the Paid Services is disclosed on the Website > category “Pricing” and is available for consideration before purchase of the Paid Services are made.


1.1. In order to be granted with access to some of the Services provided by the Company each user may required you to register an account on the Website. For the registration purposes,  the Website might ask you to provide certain registration details or other information about the User. All such information is subject to Privacy Policy of the Company and the Website.

1.2. After the User registers an account, the User is responsible for all activities that occur in connection with the Account.

1.3. The User is responsible to treat its account as confidential and shall not grant any Third Party with access to the Account.

1.4. The User shall immediately notify the Company via the e-mail [email protected] if the User has any reason to believe that the Account credentials have been compromised or if there is any unauthorized use of the Account or password, or any other breach of security.

1.5. The can at any time request from the Company to terminated e-mail communication for direct marketing purposes by sending respective e-mail to [email protected].  

Violation to use

3.1. Only the Users of the Website are entitled to copy the content presented on the Website. Such content can only be used for the purposes to copy in a contract or a legal document. Each User, shall directly or indirectly copy or encourage any third party to copy the content or any portion of it, or develop any script or device to copy the content other to copy in in the contract

3.2. To violate any of the provisions underlined under this Terms or any other rules published on the Website gives us the right to initiate a legal against you and claim payment of any direct, indirect or consequential damages.


4.1. All Content, including Paid Content, on the Services, is drafted, collected, owned by Company and is protected by applicable laws. You understand that when using the Services, you will be exposed to text, images, photos, audio, video, location data, and all other forms of data or communication (“Content”) from a variety of sources, and that Company is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or intellectual property rights of or relating to such Content.

4.2. Each User is responsible to for User Content and use of it for the purposes of contact drafting or any manner whatsoever.