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Top Legal News Stories and Blogs: Weekly Roundup Vol. 2

Weekly roundup of top legal news stories and blogs brought to you by Lawformer.

In 2018, the United States (‘US’) Department of Defense submitted a legislative proposal to the US Congress outlining the establishment and structure of the US Space Force (‘USSF’). Does the Establishment of Specialized Space Military Corps Ipso Facto Violate International Law?

Source: Opinio Juris

After capturing Kabul on August 15, 2021, Taliban authorities have imposed severe restrictions on women’s and girls’ rights, suppressed the media, and arbitrarily detained, tortured, and summarily executed critics and perceived opponents, among other abuses. What is the solution?

Source: Human Rights Watch

Facebook faced political scrutiny recently after it was revealed the company had handed over private messages between a young woman and her mother to Nebraska authorities investigating the death and disposal of a fetus. How can tech companies deal with Search warrants for abortion data?

Source: The Washington Post

Almost 1.5 million victims of crime in England and Wales have decided not to pursue their cases, feeding concern that public confidence in the criminal justice system has collapsed. The figures come after the police’s official inspectorate said that a failure to stop thieves and burglars threatens police’s “bond of trust” with the public.

Source: The Guardian

It seems almost certain that we are heading into an economic downturn. Less clear is what impact the slowdown will have on the legal job market. What Impact will the downturn have on legal hiring, and what can you do to prepare?


Is AI putting lawyers out of business? If the AI continues to eliminate starting positions of paralegals and research assistants, it is interesting to see how the beginners will manage to still obtain the practical training that is so vital for climbing the legal career staircase.

Source: Lawformer

Only three months after Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukrainian courts delivered the first convictions for war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine since February 2022. Prosecuting war crimes: are Ukrainian courts fit to do it?

Source: EJIL: Talk

The Dutch parliament approved legislation to establish work-from-home as a legal right, making the Netherlands one of the first countries to grant remote working flexibility by law.


Source: Bloomberg UK

Millions of people around the world illegally download and stream digital content. This, in legal terms, is called piracy, or violation of intellectual property rights. Despite the fact that piracy is illegal, many argue it is not immoral. Is downloading pirated content the same as stealing?

Source: Lawformer

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