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Redefining Contract-Drafting: One Clause at a Time

When I reflect on my time as an associate at a law firm, I can't help but think of the countless hours spent on looking for clauses and relevant contract content scattered through folders, files,  and emails. That first-hand experience was the key driver behind the creation of Lawformer, a digital library of contract clauses designed to make contract drafting 60% faster. Looking back, I’m excited to share my journey from a practicing lawyer to co-founding a legal tech platform that serves real problems for real people in the legal industry.

The challenge

As one of the oldest, most conservative industries, the legal profession is resistant to change. As a lawyer, I often found myself knee-deep in databases, searching for a starting point for contracts. The next step was customizing these contracts to cater to my client's unique needs, which involved locating relevant clauses in other contracts and online resources, sometimes taking days for more complex transactions. It wasn't just about finding a clause; it was about finding the right clause. This was a real problem that required a modern solution.

The solution

This precise problem is what gave rise to Lawformer. Our digital library has been built on three foundational pillars: being User-Friendly, Time-Efficient, and Streamlined. The goal was simple: empower legal professionals like me with a platform that would make their daily tasks not just doable but enjoyable.

The journey

Legal tech is a rapidly growing field, with new companies trying to establish their name on the market. But what sets Lawformer apart? I often say it's our Team, Expertise, and Dedication. Our commitment isn't just about crafting a user-friendly interface or providing a vast library of clauses. It's about understanding the needs of every lawyer, paralegal, and legal assistant out there and addressing their daily challenges.

Embarking on this journey hasn't been without its challenges. As innovators in legal tech, we're tasked with winning the trust of a traditionally conservative demographic. But every time a legal professional tells us how Lawformer has made their day more productive, every positive feedback fuels our motivation to do more, to be better.

The Future

So, where to from here? Five years down the line, I envision Lawformer to have revolutionized lawyers' daily routines. Contract drafting will no longer be a dreaded chore but a streamlined process. And as we continue to refine our platform, incorporating invaluable user feedback, I believe Lawformer will set the gold standard in the legal tech industry.

If there's one thing I've learned from this journey, it's that genuine solutions stem from personal experiences. Lawformer wasn't just built as a business venture; it was born out of a real need. As we expand and grow, we promise to always keep our core mission in sight: to empower legal professionals around the world.

Thank you for being a part of this journey of shaping the future of legal tech.

By Teona Vasadze, Co-Founder & Legal Content Lead at Lawformer