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Lawformer partners with Startup Legal Garage

We are excited to announce the partnership between Lawformer and Startup Legal Garage.

Starting this month, members of Startup Legal Garage will provide consultations and offer legal services to startups using the Lawformer Clause Library and other legal resources available on our platform. Startup Legal Garage works with firms from countless innovative industries from around the United States and in the heart of Silicon Valley. Through this partnership, students involved with SLG have gained access to the Lawformer Clause Library which will enhance their practical skills in contract-drafting before graduating law school.

What is Startup Legal Garage?

Since 2009, Startup Legal Garage has operated under the auspices of UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, providing startups with legal resources for free. Supervising attorneys at Startup Legal Garage come from top large and boutique law firms in Silicon Valley.

At Startup Legal Garage participating startup is assigned to a legal team composed of a supervising attorney from a top intellectual property or corporate law firm and two law students from UC Hastings. Together, they provide legal deliverables and advice that are invaluable to an early stage startup's development. 

What is Lawformer?

Lawformer is an international platform founded by lawyers for lawyers that helps simplify contract drafting and legal research processes. Through collaborative efforts of experienced lawyers and developers, we have created a unique library of contract clause templates.

Apart from contract-drafting, Lawformer helps lawyers and law students access other useful resources to simplify and accelerate legal research. Our platform combines regularly updated case briefs - summaries of important judicial decisions of international and regional courts condensed in two-three pages instead of the usual sixty. By analyzing your search and activity history, our smart system recommends case briefs that may be relevant to your research, which is basically like having a research assistant for free.

Most importantly, Lawformer is an international network of lawyers, law students, and legal tech enthusiasts united around the ambitious goal to shape the future of the legal profession. If you share our passion, drop us a line and let’s discuss our future together.