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Lawformer joins the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA)

We are excited to share that starting this month, Lawformer will become a member of ELTA - European Legal Tech Association. 

About ELTA

ELTA is one of the most influential global communities of experts in legal innovation, LegalTech and digital transformation. It brings together legal tech experts and enthusiasts from Europe and beyond to promote and advance legal technology and its widespread adoption. The unique nature of ELTA’s community lies in its diversity. The organization works with all types of stakeholders relevant to the legal tech field, from law firms to corporate and government departments, to startups, academia and individuals.

Lawformer x ELTA

Lawformer and ELTA have joined forces with the aim of promoting the legal tech field and reaching out to individuals and organizations that can have a significant impact on how technology shapes the future of the legal profession. One of the key goals of Lawformer is to bring together lawyers, law students and legal professionals that are passionate about technology and its role in the legal field. Hence, becoming a member of ELTA will be a major step towards achieving this goal and connecting with individuals and organizations that share the same aspirations.

What to look forward to

As a result of our collaboration, we’ll be providing interesting workshops and webinars aimed at empowering the next generation of tech-savvy lawyers. We will be regularly sharing news updates from the legal tech industry, and information about exciting job opportunities you can tap into. Most importantly, this partnership will facilitate access to a rich and diverse network of legal tech professionals in Europe and beyond and networking opportunities for lawyers, students, and startups.

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