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Lawformer and Level 7 Legal join forces

Over the last five years, Legal Technology has been growing and transforming the industry at an exponential rate. Legal professionals are under pressure to do more with less - driving the need for technology even higher. Whilst observing this process, we realized that tech alone will not create the efficiency and productivity that our clients need. It has to be thoughtfully combined with strategic hiring, change management, and a cohesive team that is ready for innovation. 

Lawformer and Level 7 Legal have partnered up to shape the future of the legal industry. We share similar goals and are working to solve similar problems in different ways. Founders of both companies believe that change in the legal industry begins at the outset - with universities and law schools. Both teams want to equip new lawyers with the tools and skills required to build a healthy, sustainable career in law. What tools and skills, you may ask? We believe that a modern lawyer must be equipped with practical skills such as drafting using playbooks, legal research, management, and process management – as well as high EQ, communication and people management. By collaborating, we are creating a healthy ecosystem for future lawyers to rely on when launching their career. 

About Lawformer

With the vision that every lawyer can draft high-quality contracts fast, we created Lawformer - a digital library of attorney-drafted clauses available for any type of contract. Lawformer was founded through collaborative efforts of experienced lawyers and tech specialists, with the goal to help simplify contract drafting and legal research processes. 

Lawformer aims to:

- Help entry-level lawyers master contract-drafting and become more employable and well-prepared for the law firm environment.

- Optimize their time and energy.

- Allow senior lawyers to shift their focus towards more strategic tasks.

- Increase revenue and customer satisfaction for law firms.

- Establish an international network of lawyers, law students, and legal tech enthusiasts united around the ambitious goal to shape the future of the legal profession. 

About Level 7 Legal

The origins of Level7 Legal began in 2020 when the CEO/Founder Charlotte Smith moved from the UK to California and launched Limitless Lawyer coaching services. Charlotte began working closely with General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Law Firm Associates and Partners to actualize their vision for their personal life, career and cohesive teams. 

The mission of Level 7 Legal is to ensure every legal professional is performing in an inspiring, healthy environment. Achieving organizational optimization and health in the legal industry by building effective, motivated work cultures. Embedding performance management, coaching, and change management programs into every legal team. 

- Level7 helps legal teams unite around a shared mission and purpose. 

- Creates the environment to nurture and develop legal talent. 

- Empowers diverse teams to perform at their highest potential while preventing burnout and disengagement. 

Founders of Lawformer

Founders of Lawformer are experienced transactional lawyers, legal tech and tech specialists previously working with top-tier law firms and international organizations. Three out of five founders of Lawformer (Nako Edisherashvili, Teo Vasadze and George Gugunishvili) collectively have over 20 years’ experience of working as transactional attorneys and contract drafting. Mariam Chaduneli holds a master’s degree in Innovation Technology and the Law, from the University of Edinburgh. She has experience leading innovation and digital transformation projects with the World Intellectual Property Organization and the University of Oxford, giving her unique insights into the digital innovation trends and needs. Lawformer's tech partner, Noxtton, a multidimensional tech and consultancy company, and the CTO, George Javakhidze, have built global tech products for international brands operating in FinTech, LegalTech, and EdTech. Giving Lawformer in-house technical expertise and enabling continuous product innovation and updates.

Founders of the Level 7 Legal

Charlotte and Level7 believe by supporting individual mindsets, assessing and restoring energy, and building trusted partnerships within the organization, you create a cutting-edge legal team.

Charlotte founded Level7 after working in the legal profession for 15+ years, as an attorney and executive coach. Noticing a pattern in the pain points identified by her Legal and Executive clients, Charlotte’s mission was to find a comprehensive solution that would support professionals at all levels of the Legal organization on their journey.

Charlotte Smith is an award-winning lawyer turned leading performance coach who works with world-class legal teams at cutting-edge, rapid growth companies. A UK native now based in the Bay Area, she is considered a leading expert - having coached hundreds of lawyers and legal teams through the pressures of rapid-growth organizations.


Marie Widmer is a S.F. Bay Area native with 10 years of experience in the legal industry, from interning in small civil litigation firms in Atlanta to building operations for in-house teams in the Bay Area. She attended law school at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She has held roles in BioTech, FinTech, Web2, and Web3, building out internal processes and launching tooling and programs for legal, including CLM, eBilling, Ticketing, and privacy. Her love for Legal Operations is driven by the people in this industry. People are the most important part of the legal industry, and Legal Operations leaders are key to building and managing teams of lawyers and legal professionals who are healthy, balanced, and creative.

What can people expect from this partnership? 

This year we will be launching an amazing series of joint content, including legal talks, thought pieces and practical guides for our audiences. This will be especially helpful for law students and entry level lawyers determined to learn to navigate the complex, fast-evolving legal industry. Follow us on social media and make sure you do not miss our webinars, networking events and career opportunities from those that have done it successfully.