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Introducing Lawformer

If you have been following our social media, you are probably wondering what Lawformer is and what exactly it is that we are doing. Lawformer is an international platform founded by lawyers for lawyers that helps simplify contract drafting and legal research processes.

How do we do this?

A team of experienced lawyers and developers have been working together to bring our vision into reality. We have created a unique library of template contract clauses and contract outlines that are integrated into a digital document builder. Using these resources will not only save your time, but will make your experience much more simple and enjoyable.

In addition to these, if you are a lawyer or a law student, you can access other useful resources that will contribute to accelerating your legal research. Our platform combines regularly updated case briefs - summaries of important judicial decisions of international and regional courts condensed in two-three pages instead of the usual sixty. By analyzing your search and activity history, our smart system recommends case briefs that may be relevant to your research, which is basically like having a research assistant for free.

Personalized experience

It is important that you can customize your experience with the individual user dashboard, where you can save and edit content of your choice, receive regular updates on new content, and get recommendations based on your previous activity. You will also have access to our blog, a single hub for legal news stories, career opportunities and events you do not want to miss.

Become part of the growing international community

Lawformer is more than just a resource for completing legal tasks. It's an international network of lawyers, law students, and legal tech enthusiasts that will shape the future of this field. Our community is growing and we are expanding our reach, so join us and become part of this transformative process today.