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Clause Libraries – best solution for mastering contract-drafting

Clause libraries usually provide template clauses that were pre-drafted and approved by lawyers. Having access to a library of this sort, gives students and entry-level lawyers an opportunity to transition to the law firm or in-house lawyer career smoothly and master contract drafting skills.

Clause library is beneficial to lawyers in many ways, including:

Saves time on manually searching for contracts similar to the ones that you are drafting, and searching for specific clauses, cleaning them up to tailor them to your current draft. – Instead of following the outdated patterns you can simply filter a template clause library by the type of contract you are drafting, select, copy and paste the most suitable template clause into your contract. You can even save it in your own dashboard for later use.

Simplified onboarding and training process – by providing access to the template clause library, companies lighten up the transition process for the newcomers. Instead of overwhelming them with archived contract examples, employers can allow employees to explore contract clauses and different formulations of those themselves in order to learn how each clause is used in the context of a specific type of contract. This also significantly decreases the hours senior-level staff spend on contract revision and entry-level lawyer supervision.

Additional functionalities – some clause libraries offer additional functionality to simplify the overall drafting or research processes. For example, the Lawformer clause library suggests you “recommended clauses” based on your previous activity. On the same platform you can explore “Definition of Terms”, through which you can easily comprehend the meaning behind any legal term that you might find in the clause library.



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