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Bridging Borders with Legal Tech: My Journey with Lawformer

The evolving landscape of law has always interested me, more so when connected with the world of technology. As a senior law student, I've continually sought opportunities that allow me to dip my toes into this intersection. That is why, when exploring ELSA (European Law Students Association) internship opportunities, I was on the lookout for startups that operate in the legal tech space. This is how I ended up with Lawformer.

As an Online Trainee, my main goal was to serve as a bridge between Turkish universities, local law firms and Lawformer, facilitating the collaboration and ongoing feedback loop that supported Lawformer’s global vision of developing a product that the next generation of legal professionals want to use. 

Navigating the world of legal contracts can often be daunting, but Lawformer's platform does an impressive job at simplifying the complex. Be it accessing attorney-drafted clauses or context specific definitions of legal terms, the platform serves as a reliable tool not only for contract drafting, but also for developing contracting skills for entry level lawyers, which is such an important industry skill. 

Being able to contribute to the innovation on a daily basis was a wonderful journey. However, the real highlight of my experience was the team. The endless enthusiasm and commitment of each member of the team toward the shared mission of building a unique product that solves a real problem of real lawyers was contagious. The environment they created was friendly, professional and encouraged constant learning.

Looking back, if there's one thing I wished for, it was more time. Time to delve deeper, to innovate further, and to expand the outreach of Lawformer's digital platform across different countries and organizations. That is why I decided to continue my journey with Lawformer, this time as an affiliate.

Working for startups like Lawformer is an interesting experience because it’s not just about ticking a task off a checklist—it is about the rewarding feeling of contributing to the necessary and useful process in your field. I see my future in legal tech. I'm determined to be the one to bring these innovations to the Turkish legal market and beyond. While doing so, I’m looking forward to working closely with Lawformer's team.

By Buse Kasap,

Trainee, Lawformer